Fresh NZ coffee delivered direct to your door.

New Zealanders thoroughly enjoy going to their local café for a fantastic cup of coffee. Many refer to this as a "proper" coffee or a "real" coffee. The coffee is locally blended for the kiwi palate, from beans that are locally roasted and freshly ground, and finally it's prepared for you by a skilled barista – delicious!  

However Kiwis typically drink more than one cup per day. Whether at work or at home these “other” coffees are often being made from a Nespresso® coffee capsule machine.  Most find that the contrast between barista made café coffee and the traditional coffee capsule is extreme. We originally thought that perhaps this was because coffee capsule systems simply couldn't serve a decent coffee. However we have since discovered that this doesn't have to be the case. We stumbled upon a couple of key problems with the traditional coffee capsules themselves.  

Problem #1: Nearly every brand of coffee capsule in NZ is imported, including the big name brands. As a result they are often months old before it even reaches the consumer.  If you know anything about coffee, you will know that fresh is best. The longer coffee grinds sit, the greater the taste is compromised. That's just one of the reasons barista made coffee simply tastes better.

Problem #2: The majority of imported brands (again especially the big name brands) are roasted for the European or American taste profile.  With Nespresso® making billions of coffee capsules a year for Europe and the US, it is not likely that they will stop the big machine rolling to make a blend specifically for little old NZ’s taste profile. Another reason your barista made coffee tastes better than traditional coffee capsules. Kiwi roasters do a great job of blending and roasting for our unique taste profile. 

The solution to these problems is TUATAHI coffee. We roast in NZ specifically for the NZ palate. We tailor our blends specifically for the NZ palate. We grind in NZ specifically for the capsule, then immediately encapsulate this freshly ground coffee and deliver it direct to your door. 

At last a "real" coffee in a capsule.  

Lance & Lisa

Lance and Lisa Tuatahi coffee capsules

Tuatahi Coffee Capsules

NZ Roasted, NZ Blended, NZ Ground, NZ Encapsulated,

 Delivered NZ wide.

Tuatahi Coffee Capsules are compatible with Nespresso® coffee machines. Nespresso® is a registered trademark of Societe des Products Nestle S.A. and is not in any way affiliated with Tuatahi Coffee Capsules. 


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