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Roasted in NZ
Blended in NZ
Ground in NZ
Encapsulated in NZ
Delivered throughout NZ

NZ Roasted

Just like our nation’s fine people, our beans are the best from all around the world; and those selected beans are expertly roasted right here in Auckland.

NZ Blends

Our blends have been finely crafted by Kiwi roasters to match your taste; genuine New Zealand pedigree and not some locally-branded import or multinational commodity.

NZ Ground

Our grinding process is specifically tailored for our coffee capsules to ensure the fullest possible flavour is extracted from every roast in every capsule.

NZ Filled

We encapsulate fresh-roasted Kiwi coffee using machinery engineered here in New Zealand.  From roasting to your cup, Tuatahi capsules are just as Kiwi as you are.

Freshness Guarantee

 We're so confident you will not find fresher capsule coffee in NZ that we offer a money-back guarantee. We roast, blend, grind and encapsulate right here in NZ, so you get the freshest coffee possible. If you find a fresher capsule coffee in NZ, simply return any unused coffee capsules for a refund.*


We're so confident you will absolutely love Tuatahi Coffee Capsules that we offer a money-back guarantee.  If you don’t think Tuatahi is the best capsule coffee in NZ simply return any unused coffee capsules for a refund.* 

Compatibility Guarantee

Tuatahi Coffee Capsules are compatible with Nespresso®machines. If Nespresso® capsules work in your machine then we guarantee our capsules will also work in your machine. If for some bizarre reason they don't, simply return any unused coffee capsules for a refund.* 

*Conditions: If you wish to return any unused capsules you must do so within one month of purchase. Capsules must not be used, damaged or opened. The value of the refund will be proportional to the number of capsules returned from the original purchase and does not include shipping costs.

NZ Roasted, NZ Blended, NZ Ground, NZ Encapsulated, Delivered NZ Wide

Tuatahi Coffee brought fresh to you by Quantum Specialties Limited,

4/29 Hannigan Drive, St Johns, Auckland 1072


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