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Fresh NZ coffee, tailored specifically to your taste

Blend: Koki

Translation:  "To sing in the morning, a morning melody"

Roast: Dark

Intensity: ★★★★★

Tuatahi's Koki blend is a highly intense coffee crafted for those with refined taste.

It combines South and Central American beans with a touch of Ethiopian and Indian beans. The result is a mildly smoky coffee with subtle cocoa caramel notes. Koki offers a rich, creamy extraction without any bitterness, perfect for enjoying as Espresso, Latte, Flat White, or Cappuccino.

Koki really is a coffee worth singing about! 

Blend: Kaha

Translation: "Power and Vitality"

Roast: Dark

Intensity: ★★★★★

Tuatahi's Kaha blend is an ultra-intense coffee created for busy Kiwis who need a powerful boost. 

It combines five exotic origins from the Americas, Southeast Asia, and Africa, resulting in a bold flavour profile. With notes of pepper and spice layered over a sharp smoky base, Kaha delivers a unique and memorable taste. 

It's the perfect choice for those seeking a supercharged coffee experience - enough to face the most demanding of days.

Blend: Koha 

Translation: "Gift"

Roast: Medium

Intensity: ★★★★☆

Tuatahi's Koha blend is the perfect fusion of the finest coffees sourced from Papua New Guinea, South America, and Southeast Asia.

Each origin brings its own unique characteristics, resulting in a captivating blend that showcases sultry smooth flavours and bold earthiness.

This blend is a gift for your taste buds, delivering a harmonious and satisfying coffee experience.

Blend: Tiaki

Translation: To "care, protect, or safeguard"

Roast: Medium

Intensity: ★★★☆☆

Tuatahi's Tiaki blend combines three Central American Fair Trade Organic (FTO) coffees, resulting in a rich and earthy flavour profile. This blend not only delivers a splendid roast but also cares for the well-being of the farmers and the protection of their land.

Tiaki's Fair Trade Organic certification ensures fair compensation for the farmers and promotes environmentally-friendly farming practices.

Add to that Tuatahi's recyclable capsule system and you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing your are participating in responsible coffee production and recycling practices.

Blend: Ahiahi (Decaf)

Translation: "Evening"

Roast: Medium Dark

Intensity:  ★★★★☆

Just like the word itself, Ahiahi is full bodied and beautifully smooth on the tongue.

It’s the perfect name for the perfect evening coffee that won't keep you up all night. Chemical-free Swiss water decaffeination ensures a fantastic full flavour coffee without the caffeine hit. 

A single origin Decaf coffee from either Colombia or Mexico depending upon season.


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