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Fresh NZ coffee delivered direct to your door

Tuatahi Coffee began not long after our founders, Lance and Lisa, encountered coffee capsules for the first time.  Loving the convenience and consistency that capsules offered they embraced the concept and began to explore what was out there in terms of flavours, origins and brands.  This soon led them to ask some questions... and to discover some rather "inconvenient" answers...

Q1: What causes the notable difference in taste between coffee capsules and the espresso coffees purchased from our local cafe?

A1: Imported coffee capsules often have been prepared using origins and roasting techniques that significantly differ from our preferred coffee styles in New Zealand. Furthermore, the capsules undergo manufacturing processes well in advance of their arrival in NZ, resulting in a significant time gap between production and consumption.

Q2: Are these capsules actually made in New Zealand?

A2:  Woah!  This is a biggy!  Looking closely at the packaging it became apparent that not only are the internationally recognised brands made overseas but also products bearing local brands are frequently passing themselves off as Kiwi-made.  Why would anyone need to import coffee capsules if the expertise to roast and pack is here in New Zealand?

Q3: Just how sustainable are these capsules we are using?

A3:  Many manufacturers claim easy recycling or compostability... but investigating further, the majority of recyclable and compostable capsules must be gathered up and sent off for further processing at specialised facilities (facilities that may not yet exist in New Zealand).

After discovering these answers, Lance and Lisa asked themselves a final key question...

Q4:  Couldn't we do a better coffee capsule that solves all these issues and that Kiwi families and businesses will love?

Tuatahi Coffee have partnered with local Kiwi roasters and a specialised packaging company to bring you Tuatahi Coffee capsules. Tuatahi capsules deal to all the "difficult questions with inconvenient answers" as well as providing a high quality coffee experience.

  • Fresh - roasted, ground and encapsulated in Auckland in small batches so the coffee is as fresh as can be.

  • Local - blends and techniques chosen to roast and encapsulate provide a truly Kiwi-cafe experience from out of your Nespresso┬«-compatible capsule machine - at home or at work.

  • Sustainable - Made locally, Tuatahi capsules minimise carbon miles and maximise value added to New Zealand's economy. Most importantly, with minimal effort used coffee grounds can be home composted and the capsule components (cardboard, aluminium and plastic) can be placed into your Council-provided curbside recycling - no additional couriers or distant collection points required. 

So, now a (rhetorical!) question for you...

Q5: What more could you ask for in a coffee capsule?

We hope that you enjoy Tuatahi Coffee capsules as much as we have enjoyed the journey of bringing them to you.

We may not have all the answers - but we do think Tuatahi answers all you will ever demand in a quality local coffee capsule.

Lance & Lisa

Lance and Lisa Tuatahi coffee capsules

NZ Roasted, NZ Blended, NZ Ground, NZ Encapsulated, Delivered NZ Wide

Tuatahi Coffee brought fresh to you by Quantum Specialties Limited,

4/29 Hannigan Drive, St Johns, Auckland 1072


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