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Does Capsule Coffee Really Measure Up?

It’s no secret that we all love a good coffee. The warmth felt through the mug as we hold our coffee in our hands, the exotic aroma escaping the mug and delighting our senses, the smooth taste as we take our first sip.  It’s not just a drink, it’s an experience.

Well, great News! No longer are you forced to head out on those cold winter days, those days where you are so tired you don’t want to get out of bed let alone drive to the coffee shop.  No longer do you need to leave the house to indulge in an experience that awakens and delights your senses.  Tuatahi Coffee Capsules can provide you fresh NZ roasted coffee without the need to put a foot outside.

You can safely throw out the jars of instant coffee or the bitter old imported capsules you try to drink. You can rest assured that the experience you crave through a warm mug of your favourite coffee can now be achieved right in your own home.

If you think you’ve tried capsules before, think again!

You may have tried imported capsules designed to the tastes of other coffee lovers around the world, but you haven’t truly tried a coffee capsule until you’ve tried Tuatahi coffee, designed specifically for the discerning pallet of New Zealanders, by New Zealanders. To top it off Tuatahi capsules are recyclable and completely compatible with your existing Nespresso machine.

Tuatahi Coffee Capsules won’t cost you a fortune either.  At a quarter the price of indulging in a café coffee you can reign in your spending or afford to have a coffee or two more each day. So “yes” in a nut shell or should I say “pod”, Capsule coffee does measure up as long as its true NZ roasted coffee. 

What’s the ideal cup size for Capsule coffee?

This really comes down to personal preference. Allow us to explain. 

The 40ml shot. 

Regardless of whether you’re drinking espresso, long black, flat white or cappuccino, your coffee is based on a 40ml shot of espresso. This is the case at the café as well as with your capsule machine. 

It is usual practice for Nespresso® capsule machines to be pre-set to pour a 40ml shot. However the pre-set volume can be changed with ease so be sure to check your settings, especially if you are finding your coffee too strong or too weak. 

In a café the 40ml is extracted form approximately 8.5 grams of coffee grinds, however Nespresso® and Nespresso® compatible capsules use approximately 5.5 grams of grinds. 

So when you’re making your coffee using capsules try making a slightly smaller coffee than you might buy in a café. You’ll still have the same sized shot of espresso in each cup, guaranteeing you full bodied strength and flavour – you’ll truly see it’s not the size that matters.

The strength is in your hands.

Keep in mind that if you have a craving for a super strong cup of delight the option of a double shot is always available to you. Yes even at home with your capsule machine you have the ability to make a coffee that packs more punch than even the strongest blends from the local hipster café. 

Everyone’s preferences are slightly different, so play around with the volumes of your milk or water to find your preferred strength for your preferred blend. 

Tuatahi Coffee Capsules will show you that small in size doesn’t mean less in strength, and it certainly doesn’t mean less in flavour. Tuatahi are delighted to be delivering you an unforgettable experience in your own home. Whenever you crave the warm silkiness of a beautiful coffee designed to delight your tastebuds, reach for your favourite blend of Tuatahi.

Check out the a full description of these fantastic NZ blends. 

AHIAHI – It’s so nice you say it twice (decaf). Ahiahi is the Maori word for “evening”. 

TIAKI – Because we care (Fair-trade and Organic). The Maori word Tiaki means “to care, protect, or safeguard”. 

KOHA – A gift to the palate. Koha is the Maori word for “Gift or Present”. 

KAHA – Start the day with Power and Intensity. Kaha is the Maori word for “Power, Strength and Intensity”. 

KOKI – A coffee worth singing about. The Maori word Koki means “to sing in the morning”.


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