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The Slow Pour Provides you with More

In this day and age of convenience and the need-for-speed we are programmed to almost be impatient and impetuous and often this means having to compromise something. 

Whether we are in too much of a rush to say ‘hello’ to someone properly or not allowing ourselves time for a proper lunch and eating on the go – all of this haste adds up to a permanent sense of urgency that can stop us standing still and allow us to appreciate the quality of the moment.

The same sense of earnestness probably applies to the making and drinking of your cup of coffee. We have all felt that impatience when we have rolled out of bed sluggish and tired and nothing will beat the exuberance of that first sip of hot, dark, rich delight. 

But what if you could wait a few extra moments and receive a more distinguished and superior cup of coffee – you would wouldn’t you!

The Coffee Ceremony

Japanese Geishas spend 5 years of apprenticeship learning the beautiful intricacies of the Tea Ceremony. The Ceremony itself can last up to 4 hours at a time – which is a long time to wait for a cuppa! Now we are not saying that you should set aside half of your day to perform any hot-drink rituals but the tradition can teach us all something: to take our time over the things that are important to us.

You cannot escape the value of taking your time over enjoying the added excellence and flavour that will exude from a quality slow pour coffee. 

You will find that Tuatahi capsules pour slower than imported capsule brands and we make no secret of that – we are proud of it! It is a deliberate decision which enables optimal extraction of all the nuances of flavour profiling within your chosen blend. By consciously grinding and tamping our coffee we can ensure a slow, steady pour.

With the Tuatahi capsules, you will extrude every ounce and trace of natural flavour that the impeccably fresh an expertly roasted beans can deliver. This allows us the freedom to focus on genuine flavour when building our blends without the need to over-roast the beans.  

If you are game enough to take the time to sit and focus on the subtleties of flavour in your imported brand of capsule, you will more than likely find yourself rather disappointed as you attempt to find any flavour that isn’t overrun by a “burnt cigar” taste. This is typical in mass produced brands and is a sign of over-roasted beans and is usually done in an attempt to bolster the “sense” of a coffee flavour without taking the time to develop the genuine character of flavours. 

Make it a Meaningful Moment

Sometimes taking your time to enjoy your daily coffee-making ritual is an important part of your day. As is the routine of drinking and savouring the whole experience. The feel of the warm cup in your hand, the first deep and rich inhalation of that unmistakable aroma, the touch of the porcelain cup against your lip as you drink in the rich, indulging and tantalising flavour. 

Not everything is about rushing, especially at the compromise of quality and taste. So by allowing yourself the pleasure of a more pondering pour you can guarantee yourself a quality experience that you will never want to rush.


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